Dabbadee Stomach Ulcer Solution helped me deal with stomach ulcer after afflicting me for over 10years in under a month.


Stomach Ulcer is caused by a bacteria (H-PYLORI), HELICOBACTER PYLORI that affects the mucus that protects the stomach and small intestine, allowing for stomach acid to destroy the lining.

A lot of foods we eat and habits we indulge in are extremely bad for ulcer.

These habits and foods continue to perforate the stomach and might eventually lead to stomach cancer and we all know how deadly and sometimes irredeemable cancer can be.


This LIFESTYLE creates an avenue for you to not be restricted to what you love to eat and Not worried as to how spicy a meal is or if it would irritate your stomach because we offer you the best stomach ulcer solution.

For so long I did not understand this because I enjoyed to eat spicy food and indulged in habits, then when I had episodes where I would vomit so bad and start to puke blood because I have stressed my stomach lining so bad.

Other times I would find myself rolling on the floor wallowing in pain and of course rushed to the hospital, given series of injection and drips and pay outrageous amount of money for hospital bills.

Then I got tired of this so I decided to try other suggestions gotten by friends and family. I tried a number of outrageous supposed cures. I took omeprazole so much it had little or no effect anymore. Where is the Stomach ulcer solution that would just come save my life, I asked myself always

All types of Antacids had entirely no effect and I also soaked unripe plantain and waited for it to melt and ferment then drank the water not knowing that the acidity level of unripe plantain would affect my stomach lining and aggravate the pain.
I tried other local herbs and what not and got really frustrated with the fact that there was no permanent cure but trust that I had used my own body so much as a living experiment to find different stomach ulcer solution. UNTIL I FOUND THIS SECRET!!

I am confident This secret will teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle because the truth is there is no permanent cure for ulcer in terms of drugs or herbs. You have to be deliberate about cutting down on certain habits and foods to get the result you need.

If you don’t take your eating and general lifestyle seriously then you will always have reoccurring ulcer attacks. Treating ulcer is a lifestyle and you have to be deliberate and consistent to get the results you need and deserve and I assure you that you will have testimonies to give about ulcer.

This product is called the DABBADEE ULCER PACKAGE. It has proven to be effective and it performs several functions if you use it judiciously. Functions like;

  • Stops the consistent stomach pain.
  • No more Acid reflux
  • No more painful and sleepless nights
  • It restores your appetite for food while improving your entire digestive system
  • Say goodbye to unexplainable weight loss, annoying nausea and vomiting
  • Stop having to spend your money on unnecessary herbs and medication
    ALL IN 30 DAYS.

The best thing about this DABBADEE ULCER PACKAGE is that it takes only 10-14 days depending on your level of exposure to the H Pylori bacteria to start experiencing deep and quick relief.

But the ideal plan should be at least a month for effective result. You will finally deal with ulcer and even kill what might trigger stomach ulcer.



To get started, please carefully read through the two (2) categories of the services we offer and indicate by making payment for any of the package(s) you wish to subscribe for. However Dabbadee recommends 4 weeks in order to achieve long lasting effect.

You can choose to pay weekly or pay for the 4 weeks at once and get a DISCOUNT. After payment, be sure to carefully fill the consultation form presented to you and a dabbadee plan will be sent to you. The information in the returned form is essential towards your journey as we look to communicate with you. Dabbadee ulcer package is divided into four weeks (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with guidelines also included. We wish you a wonderful experience as you embark on this journey.


PREMIUM = ₦14, 999

  • Seven Day Meal Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Info on Cheat Meals (meals that are not on the meal plan)
  • A video consultation with Dabbadee
  • 10am-5pm (WhatsApp) access for guild
  • Thrice a week mandatory check up calls

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